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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wu Zun loves/likes children.

Wu Chun who joined showbiz just 5 years ago, bought a million sports car in theBrunei opened three gyms, he is only 31 years old, due to filming, records, commercial speech and advertising revenue, has reached rough estimate of about hundreds of millions of personal worth , together with his father is real estate tycoon, and the Brunei royal family is family friend.

He was explosive secret marriage, a 7-year-old daughter, but he'd rather be said to have as a father, do not want to be outside the old is your son, money matters more than family led to his care.

Wu said the father was rich in Brunei, he insisted and lived on by the parent shadow, opened the first gym, the NT 5 million borrowed from banks , The second by nearly ten million dollars. A few years ago, he stressed, to earn money: "I do not like to use the money of my father, or my family members, I rely on myself." Filming, the rumored girlfriend long list, he also said that early Married Daughters, "fun Well, okay, this is one of the artist."

He likes children, found that young people in Taiwan do not want in general, he felt a great pity, because kids are really cute. When asked"when do you plan to have own children", he said "35".

He recently visited Datong Mind Children Development Center, more than 20 children with developmental delay(Development diesease), and presented a perfect example to take care of these childrens, a 3-year-old girl sitting near Zun , Zun took her up against his thick shoulders and chest. That Little girls actually felt comfortable & took a good nap in Wu Zun's arms, Zun didn't dare to wake her up,  he said: "To be a father, feeling is good!"

Credits: NOW News.


Bertha said...

Ok I can't stay away from this site, I have a project to finish I have a life! This picture reminds me of how pretty Chun is inside and out...so tell me why do I wake up at night having this vivid picture of you screaming in pain Chun, is it my imagination?

I MISS BEING YOUR ANGEL!!!! I NEVER LEFT YOU!!!! I WAS BLOWING MY prayers for you in the wind!!!!

LET ME TELL YOU WITH A LOVING HEART AND SINCERITY: YOU NEED NOT TO BE SUPERMAN, OR SUPERCHUN BECAUSE CHUN KIAT GOH HAD ALWYAYS BEEN GOOD ENOUGH, HAD ALWAYS BEEN GREAT, KEEP THIS "IT IS NOT THE NAME THAT MAKES A PERSON GREAT, IS THE PERSON THAT MAKES THE NAME GREAT" SO I WILL BREAK THE BUBBLE!!!!YOU DON'T NEED TO A SUPER HERO (IN MY MIND I'M HOLDING YOUR FACE AND I'M LOOKING INTO YOUR EYES!) JUST BE YOU! BE YOUR OWN PERSON! BE YOUR OWN STRENGHT! Cause at the end of the day only you can walk your own path....stop living in the past, it's okay to cherish it but don't let it imprison you, happiness is not the state of being surrounded by the people who loves you or you love, but to be able to live and survive without the things you thought you can't live without because the love will forever be in your heart wherever you are (on grieving), the peak of joy is to accept that life is never without pains, and the value of contentment is to rejoice in the outcome of sufferings.

I remember a child asking if accepting her new stepmom would be an insult to her late mom who she loved so much, and the answer she got was “No because this time you get to be very lucky, because you have two woman who truly loves you, one watching you from the heavens and the other here on earth.” And I told myself, yes I will be blessed with someone one day to love me here on earth (my future husband) and one loving me from the heavens (my mom). From this day on I choose to celebrate a blessed life. Be at peace with yourself!!!! I'm still waiting for that person to share with....I see myself standing under a cherry blossom tree praying for thanksgiving!!!! A kiss for you!!!!