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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Calvin : "Wow" & "Go" stores, wants to expand it to China.

Fahrenheit, Wu Chun opened the gym in addition to the other members Calvin also is business-minded, he spent 1.5 million yuan own "Wow" and "Go" 2 Tide brand, from online shopping fortune, to the presence tide card store, business expansion into China, Singapore, he said: "The ultimate goal of course is to have its own store next year to attract consumers who are not fans to buy the products."

He likes to finance and investment, in addition to stocks, while back and their families learn to do real estate, less than 3 months to earn 50 million, daily life, "read the tape the morning, afternoon, when the artist, and business partners call it a day after the meeting." But the sideline is not easy to do, he is currently having the six stores in Taiwan."It also" consignment, is the most competitive in eastern Taipei, because of the letter A its near, Edison Chen, Jay Chou and other stars tide shop. Calvin said: "I have seen statements dumbfounded, and sometimes less than a 1 day sale."

But he slowly self-encouragement, the design, marketing and well, to enhance competitiveness: "I hope each design has its own story and meaning."
The new mall that recently opened in Malaysia also got his goods,he had also intended to cut the ribbon from Fahrenheit  for the inaugration of the mall, then the plan was dropped because of Fahrenheit's tight schedule .

Design Studios offer marketing cooperation arranged

Even within the Lake Sahara Studios also find with him, asked him to design a joint T-shirts, hats the staff wear, as well as the entire wall of his advertising, and offers to buy 2 tickets can be purchased clothing with additional activities. Interview the same day, happen to have fans to the store spending, he jokingly said to them, except: "Do not take pictures Guzhe, buy clothes." Also enthusiasm to help with, I can see it will do business.

Tidal material Catalog



Idol made to

Wu Chun's design, inspired by his love of fitness.
1280 yuan ╱ pieces








Shiny eye-catching

2 Go for the first time the brand co-Wow and the joint T-shirt festooned with a bling bling diamond sense.
1280 yuan ╱ pieces







Couples understanding

2 dubbed "stone mandrel," the sweet combination.
880 ╱ pieces







Top of the Play It Cool

Wow several printed logo hat or Go.
880 - 980 yuan ╱ top





Own brand hit 150

˙ brand names: Wow, Go
˙ brand history: 2 years
 Investment ˙: Yorozu Hazime 150
˙ Turnover: 10 million per month
˙ pathway: the province's six, "which" service shop
˙ online shopping:   http://www.factorysev7n.com/   Or  query "VII factory"