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Friday, October 15, 2010

Aaron clarifies the "Gay BoyFriend" rumour.

 Aaron Yan as always rumoured for his gay image. Everytime sighted with male friends can become such a huge news for the industry, even got rumoured with Jiro. He always says he doesn't care about what others say. He says, "I think my fans believe in me, more than these rumours."

Aaron,in his micro-Bo made a screenshot of a Web site, saying "rumor that comes out of this", the website has photographs of Aaron captioned with "Gay Boyfriend Photos". Aaron's friend told him about that & he himself liked to see what is it really. He then wrote on his WeiBo about that. Seeing this fans have advised him not to care about this,& just ignore it. Aaron made micro-Bo saying: "I made a Bo does not mean I care about, just to let you know, this dialogue is very likely to be 'news'.

Credits: Xinmin