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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aaron Missing : Fahrenheit short of one.

Fahrenheit autograph session scheduled earlier was delayed due to the typhoon .Thousands of fans look forward to the Pan Pan million yesterday to see the four hots guys together, but they will have some minor regrets. From the 4, only 3 people showed up, Aaron was hospitalized due to a back injury, Wu Zun injured his left eye cornea but came for the fans wearing  sunglasses .
 Aaron had drama shooting from last night to early morning so was busy due to filming, but during the play in a conflict inadvertently hurt his back in a fight scene.Yesterday morning, when the pain was unbearable he was taken to the emergency room, & doctors told him for rest. Wu Zun, Jiro Wang and Calvin on stage  call out to Aaron, to address the fans shouted over the phone: " I pulled my back wrong accidently  , can't even stand for a bit long, but you should not worry about me. I will be fine ".

Wu Zun appeared wearing sunglasses , he originally injured cornea of his left eye. He went to see a doctor in the afternoon prescribed a medicine, & told not subject eye to strong light. The results are brothers with a smile: "Today even made the signature massage is it?"

Credits : Udn.com
Video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yIu9jqlHB0