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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fahrenheit Third Wave "Sexy Girl" shows a mature man charm.

Fahrenheit Third Wave "Sexy Girl" shows a mature man charm, a very provocative lyrics combined with electronic dance music , can be said that Fahrenheit most people blush songs from Canada by musicians Chris Wiebe, and cutting-edge hip-hop Electronic music groups Bozo Boyz Baozou brother together compose , the new generation creators Chen Xinyan lyrics , depicts man in mind the perfect the goddess of , fantasy with her coexistence joy scenes , and even yearning mind , even if the was the Sexy Girl injury , but also willing to by love Punished , full music videos in the September 22 at the MTV station premiere .

 For this a new album, " too hot "contains such a sexy genre ~~ ~~

Aaron said: "This is the we compare big breakthrough , in line with album the style of , creating a more masculine image . "

Jiro is also quite fond of  the song "Sexy Girl " : " the song is very sexy, to showing a song compared sexy side of , making the teacher in to help us Pei Chang when particular, pondering our of sound detailed characteristics , coupled with Some air tone and falsetto , so this song sounds more charming, more provocative ! want the fans to see Fahrenheit the progress of ! "

This time , following " distressed your distressed "Wu Zun had enough actor and screenwriter, addiction , Calvin also alone play the leading role "Sexy Girl" music video actor , "this time the style is more mature, kind of going to nightclubs Carnival Image . " actress is invited Erin sexy supermodel Yin Qi as a Sexy Girl. story chen Calvin is fantasy in mind the sex goddess , slowly, from a distance blurry figure appear , the two close embrace , face to face to brush the hair happy eating dessert , MV last two had a mutual Tu Butter in each other's face, scene set in the nightclub of the room, gorgeous lighting and furniture more to bring out "Sexy Girl" to convey magic , mind yearning atmosphere.

As what is Calvin the eyes of 's Sexy Girl? The answer is that the morning girls is most Sexy! Calvin says with a laugh : " early in the morning get up when the girl put on favorite her boyfriend big shirt for him in the kitchen preparing breakfast , and then fry an egg , light think of this picture is very romantic and happiness . "MV from Evening, shoot night , they not only did not Hanlei also the more take the more spiritual , there is a scene Yin Qi took the cherry in , Calvin his forehead wavering , did not think the original thought and provocative images, it because the cherry slip does not down stick Calvin Chen Confucianism and forehead , and instantly become a NG lens.

Credits: MTV News
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