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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jiro Wang' story behind the family portrait

Jiro Wang got emotional while talking about the family portrait. He said ~~ 
 I really wished for a scene like this, but sometimes it was father who took the photo or mother. So one of them was missing in those photos. We do have a family photo, but it was long ago, when I was a baby.
     After that i started growing up & my father became ill.The responsibility of the mother & father came to my shoulders and I started to work hard. I relly work hard at the backstages as Incharge of designing before Fahrenheit was formed.

When the anchor asked," If your father was here then what do you want to say to him?".
Jiro got emotional and answered slowly:
Jiro~~~~ I will say to him, I'm now very strong. And I will say he can rest assure that I will take care of mother.And I'll say to him that whereever he is, he can rest assure that I haven't let him down.
These are Jiro's word to his father.

Credits: elvenstar87 for subbing.

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