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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

@Beijing Fahrenheit with "Mini Fahrenheit".[video]

Sept. 28 afternoon, the Taiwan idol group Fahrenheit to promote their fourth album, " hot " came to Beijing rally . During the four big boys on stage took turns a big show of muscle , declaring turned sexy mature male, attracted fans numerous screaming . In addition, they as Zhouqu disaster areas a child offer love by the Chinese Foundation for Poverty Alleviation site awarded the " Ambassador "title.

            " Mini- Fahrenheit " big show " too hot "MV towel battle dance
Conference started , four little boys dressed Fahrenheit shape, presented a  live  " hot "MV in the classic " towel battle dance . " Kids Xiang mo xiang yang dance moves appreciate by  Fahrenheit ,  not only praising the kids "mini- Fahrenheit " is cute , but could not help but came up with the children to shake hands and to cuddle.

Four sportsman turns show muscle declaration turned sexy mature men
In the following interview session, the host started one by one interrogation of Fahrenheit . Not only that, four people is on stage take turns a big show of muscle , declaring turned sexy mature male and to the scene female fans are all seen blush , scream .
Fahrenheit the new album shape 's theme is " cool cool fresh "for the show four of the " sexy muscle curve " , garments fabrics are "small and beautiful " as the guiding principle that the original be installed , each one were startled. And then started the "devil training " crazy fitness. Calvin exposes began to ring late night and continue to sit-ups and push-ups exercise ; Jiro addition to the original fitness exercise, together with swimming to strengthen the abdominal muscles the line ; build the best Wu Chun stressed skin , especially tone to look health of skin into mirror ; and Aaron are fixed to run every day 30 minutes plus weight training , he smiled and said : "Fortunately, from the last year, the concert beginning of develop a fitness habit, trained to the satisfaction of chest line , That was crammed hold not out . "

Care for Zhouqu affected children by the closure " Ambassadors "
 Fahrenheit call fans with the response of the "small package big love - love to take off "activity ,tohelp the vitims of  this year, August in Gansu Zhouqu landslides disaster, as in the disaster lost their homes. To this end, the same day Fahrenheit was China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation site awarded the " Ambassador " title to Fahrenheit.

CREDITS: Li Qing & Sina

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