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Thursday, September 23, 2010

SEXY GIRL ~~ Calvin's heart pounding.

Fahrenheit members took their turns making MV, Calvin alone play the leading role taken "Sexy Girl" MV, mature interpretation of the image of men in the nightclub revelers , actress supermodel Erin got Yin Chi -fu, close embrace cheek , the other face each other , The shot less than 3 minutes to the atmosphere hot .

Calvin Chen Chien Chi Yin is very professional, " the occasion of eye contact , there was her hook to go fast. Qi Yin, in particular, her perfume , makes rapid heart beat . " photograph from the late evening , there is a scene holding Qi Yin Cherry forehead & Calvin shift around the screen doing all provocative , but because Cherry slipped down , glued to Calvin on his forehead , that instantly become a funny scene .

Calvin sat in luxury seats , the self-styled "king" , a kind of Dominating fantasy , but also scarves tied to their own whim, and Yin Qi body , symbolizing the two tied the world's well-being . He also said , getting up early in the morning wearing a shirt of the girl her boyfriend is his heart "Sexy Girl", especially the girls in the kitchen preparing breakfast , fried poached egg , light very romantic thought of the screen .

Yin Qi tall䠷, Calvin says with a laugh : "Fortunately, I am high enough , stand looks quite a mouth , and she said the opportunity to teach me how to go walking on stage ."  Fahrenheit Worked file , Taipei autograph session forTyphoonExtension , record companies coordinated schedule , hoping to re-submit , on October 3 will go to Kaohsiung Sunbeam Mitsukoshi left camp store , an additional " hot -together "and fans alike. For more information , please contact Research China Official website : http://www.him.com.tw/.

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