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Monday, September 20, 2010

Aaron yan shares bitter experience of his junior high.

Aaron starring Public Television " Death girl "is about to air in October on the play in which he played dull , little boy , named Shen Qi , and past " Idol "type of speech law falls far short .
 Asked how you are so emotional ? He bitterly said : " when our country is a maverick , I was excluded by classmates , I had intended to take my own life . " He said he would like many people , this is exactly the role of the export of his catharsis , but he also Stressed , there is no self-mutilation behavior.

Aaron when the country back from the States to study , was not accustomed to Taiwan's educational environment , the marginalized , he said: " I just thought that with the United States returned the same class can walk around , the results you think I am weird . With my family far from school, almost did not go over with students , friends are not familiar with . " outstanding performance of his elementary school , junior high just on the first test pass on the edge , let him attack the large , he said: " My mother was not even mad I test 94 will hammer the wall , so I have a lot of pressure . "

Aaron has been pressure to feel breathless , has begged his father brought him to see a psychiatrist , he said: "I was full to eat for three monthsDepressionMedicine . " He says that he was withdrawn when they were young , after entering showbiz , also accused of personality is too direct , easy to offend people , which he said: "The past will not communicate , do not know way , but I see a man who the group members with The difference between boys . "

Will not want to solo ? He said: "A person is free to play , everyone should complement each other . "But he thinks Fahrenheit would not be dissolved , if the group does dissolve it ? He joked: "That I most hope to the one album or EP, I believe that my singing part , on the Fahrenheit is also a plus . "

Aaron feels he has been unsuccessful in Fahrenheit , but we hate him as idol , this time to take over public television , " Death girl "is to break out , he reluctantly said: " I really do not want to let you think I'm only a face  . "

Reporter Cai Jingyi / Taipei
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