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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fahrenheit's mid-autumn fest creative grapefruit for fans.

Fahrenheit busy with publicity on the new album, " too hot ", but did not forget the newspaper readers in advance to wish Mid-Autumn Festival with Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen , Aaron creative, grapefruit , respectively , under the unique pattern painted .

Chun is ready to take advantage of holiday reunion.

About festive mood , Aaron said: "I feel very cold , many people do not know why the group should be pulled barbecue ? " but Wu Zun Instead, he said: "Life is pain, usually would be no air , only festivals you can gather a Poly ! "

Mid-Autumn Festival Fahrenheit still have to work through , so the first offer cute, funny grapefruit Figure congratulate fans have a joyous holiday . Wu Zun painting "Happy Smile" smile , Calvin Shualeng , laughed their grapefruit most appropriate , because that read "Yo Yo Yo", although Aaron started painting grapefruit too naive , but his painting success Really bad, Da Dong also played comic skill , so that grapefruit "change "success .

Aaron without Guoqingrenjie

Members of the different festive mood , Aaron said: "I feel very cold on the various festivals , in addition to the New Year is acceptable , Mid-Autumn Festival , Christmas is no sense Valentine's Day even no need. "

Big East feast is the main deficiency payments.

Great Eastern is a very treasured festivals , he said: " I would like to take every festival , but since almost every feast in the work , so I can only grasp the tail of festival . " Near the end of the festival is often so busy that he can go And friends, are laughing : "to pay ah ? " Big East attention to the festive atmosphere, such as Christmas will personally decorated Christmas tree , even if he is busy with work and let the mother alone at home with warm feelings .

Eat the yolk of Calvin   Mid-Autumn Festival Favorite
 Of course,  all kinds of egg yolk Moon cake .
He joked : " I'm super like the seasons, Autumn would barbecue , regardless of Valentine's Day lovers , not lovers have been , even Friday night is very important to me , before studying abroad , to a Friday night on would like to relax play , even if an exam next Monday , Friday night to say first carnival ! "

Reporter: Huey-Ling Chen / Taipei
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