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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fahrenheit on Super King.

Start: Hosts compare Fahrenheit with other bands (now disbanded) and regard Fahrenheit as Taiwan’s top boy band. The exotic entry of Fahrenheit ~~ sings “Super Hot”.

Emcees~~ jacky wu & others  form a group and perform a song to “challenge” Fahrenheit. Jacky gives his group 1 mark and displays his sense of humour by announcing that Fahrenheit gets 99 marks, when everyone thougt that they would get 0 marks. Jacky talks about Jiro’s hosting Super King; Fahrenheit teases Jiro about his divided loyalties to his fellow emcees. Fahrenheit talks about what they are busy with recently, such as acting and hosting. Aaron gets asked about whether he needs eyeliner to play up his eyes, which he doesn’t, and how guys using eyeliner is a Korean fad. Chun mentions that his filming is about to finish. Fahrenheit demonstrates their Towel Battle Dance.

Fahrenheit demonstrates Towel Battle Dance, and gets asked what other purpose a towel can serve. Jiro says towel can be used as headband in the gym, and Chun says towel can be used as a weapon in self-defence. Jacky asks if it is embarrassing for the lady dancers to slide in between their legs. Jiro shares that the dancer did hit his baggy pants many times.
Fahrenheit sings “Guardian Star”. Jacky describes the song as gradually climbing to a high and jokes that the rap part is not suitable for the song but Jiro had to add that in. Chun says that rap is not his forte and rap is usually done by Jiro.
As Taiwan’s tourism ambassadors, Fahrenheit gets asked to promote Taiwan’s agricultural products.

Chun gets a shock when Jacky asks him to finish eating all the bananas. Chun uses an inappropriate word to describe the length/size of the bananas and Jacky calls for a stop. Chun completes his promotion of the bananas. Aaron loses the game of “Scissors, paper, stone” and has to perform eating a banana according to a script being read about the banana being the last gift from his ex-girlfriend.
At end ~~ Fahrenheit sings “Cherish your Heartache”.

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