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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aaron claims to be King, to rival Luo.

Asya feel Fahrenheit youngest little guy Aaron is cute. Yesterday had nothing better to look at  & the search of his micro- blog , but looking for a long time, only the " favorite Aaron "," Aaron Fan Club " And other accounts , that is not his deity were found.  Reminded by a friend , his micro- blog the original  on alias is " Yan King Aaron ".

Shrimp ! How someone claiming to be King , Asya interview with Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok for so many years , have not heard that they called themselves " Mrs King "," Guo kings ", and Aaron in Luo watched him , the further message : "Two kings in place, great break-throughs . " and if Asya memory serves me right , in June Jay was in Taipei Arena concert , Yan brother sent flowers that were also signed as king 's Aaron . "
This ... this ... to Asya a little worried , inflammatory little brother will not infected with the bulk of disease, but he said : " Just for fun, microblogging is a creative place. " That Asya also offers some of his ideas , in fact, named " ㄧ ㄢ , "the King of many theater with Jerry , the financial sector has Yankai Tai , politics there Yen Ching-piao , as Aaron put the stage name into words Aaron , Yan Arron or Yan Aaron should be able to copied quickly, so he wanted something different. 

Credits: Apple Daily.
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