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Monday, September 20, 2010

Aaron destroys the last gift of his Girl Friend.

On the show of Super King, when Aaron yan loses in the rock,paper and scissor game, he was asked to eat a banana. But its not simply eating a plain banana. Jacky Wu asked Aaron to eat banana according to a script. The script was as follows ~~ This banana is the last and the only gift from your girl friend and you have to eat it. Jacky Wu calls for a melody to play in background.

As expected~ Aaron displays a great performance. All of them can't stop laughing, even Aaron was smiling in middle of his act. The slow motion act of kissing the ever last gift of his girl friend and then start peeling of the skin was really admiring. Aaron's expressions were applausive, but the scene of peeling off banana & eating it was really funny. Andwhen Aaron ate it ~~ they all said aloud~~ "OH MY GOD". All the members were laughing hard behind Aaron, Wu zun was like~~ I can't take it anymore. At end, Everyone gave a good applause to Aaron for is Prodigy Act.


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