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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aaron : What male & female? Love is equal.

Aaron since his debut , was questioned always for his sexual orientation. His interview with this reporter , for the first time he made True Confessions : " How men and women ? love is equal. I do not think gay is not good in itself , but do not think it is taboo . "

Aaron has been repeatedly photographed on travel with mostly male friends, his sexual orientation accused is a mystery , and his brokerage firm thinks " gay " issue as a taboo, subject in addition to a rigorous screening performances , reports of his sexual orientation , are , as a scourge, he was back.

 Idol burden is heavy , can be seen ; He said , the previous films of the gay characters were approached at him , but declined by brokerage firms , to afraid of hurting his Idol Image , in fact, he himself is Open to gender .

He said: " I am not perfect , & do not want to create the image of the prince , do not expect recognition by all , absolutely not reject homosexuality, gay character if invited , I am willing to try . " This time, he starred as Shen Qi in the upcoming drama " Death Girl " in which the issues like men and men love have been touched, and his "love is equal " mentality quite fit for it.

In addition to no limit on the performance issues , Aaron thinks work must be dedicated & professional. There are times while shooting  the play " Death Girl " he has to shoot early in the morning  at 4 am, another notice his crew made , that Aaron himself taught the assistant crew member how to get the hair managed.

Wu Zun for solo , "Fahrenheit" re-transmission of the dissolution , he would smile: "We 4 King, has long been a body, unless one day nerves got wrong, want to go home to marry , and will dissolve it. " But he did not deny his very ambitious , what he want to do is very clear, is planning to disclose personal single, personal future , the development of both groups , and he hopes he won before the age of 30, 3 Great Gold ( Golden , Admiralty, Kinmen and Matsu ).

(Reporter陈珮伶/ interview )
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