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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fahrenheit arrived in Hong Kong : Wu Zun the most wanted.

October 1, 2010 Hong Kong :
Fahrenheit arrived yesterday morning from Beijing , attended today's new album " too hot " Autograph, the airport has long been over a hundred fans waiting for you , record company also arranged for ten security to maintain order , and the flight was 11:45 Arrived , wearing sunglasses coming out of 4 boys but only slowly for an hour later the gate , fans swarmed the scene , and the fourth is still under the security to protect the emperors in serious difficulties , was chaos .
Blockade led by Jiro
Wu Zun slowly walking to appease fans tried to control the scene , but the crazy fans are still forced the four sub- paste glass, Aaron sunglasses half or "see eye " , a more successful and Big East fans shook hands and pointed excitedly Call, the scene out of control , security, fans and journalists pushing temper and attitude is very poor.
Present by the members to Wu Zun
Oct. 10  & Wu Zun will thirty-one-year-old , said his desire is to have more time with his family , said that in the autograph session for fans to help him free early on the birthday , Wu Zun laughed and said : " do not know , if it is really like . "  Asked what gift to send ?  Calvin Said: "Send the car . " the media outcry . Wu Zun said with a smile , "Yes , we were open , really they can be used together ."

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