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Friday, February 3, 2012

Aaron Yan Undergoes Emergency Medical Check-Up.

Aaron Yan's health has deterioriated due to his packed schedule as part of the hugely popular Fahrenheit. (image source: Weibo)
Aaron Yan's health has deterioriated due to his packed schedule as part of the hugely popular Fahrenheit. (image source: Weibo)

Published Jan 4 2012

Fame as part of the most popular acts in the showbiz does come with a price. Just ask Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan.
The youngest member of the hugely popular Taiwanese boyband has seen his health deteriorating due to his packed schedule. His management recently released a statement saying that the singer has undergone an emergency medical check-up on Tuesday, after experiencing discomfort in different parts for a while.

Yan, 25, was diagnosed with vertigo after experiencing dizziness and nausea starting mid December last year. Next, he discovered a lump in his chest. Alarmed, his father, who's a doctor working in National Taiwan University Hospital, straightaway arranged for him to undergo an emergency check-up. The report will be ready before Chinese New Year.
Since this was revealed by his management, Yan has been getting warm wishes from his fans. Touched by the wishes, he thanked and urged them to "cherish the present".
Original Source: udn.com
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Tonee Rhian Rose said...

Hope he feels better soon. And hopefully that lump isn't anything serious.

Anonymous said...

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