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Friday, August 5, 2011

Wu Chun And Vic Chou To Combine In New Movie.

Zai Zai (Vic Chou) got a new haircut and seemed during a press discussion for his arriving movie, “忠烈楊家將” (Saving General Yang). After some complete equine float training, Zai Zai has turn most stronger, though he laughed, “After roving on a equine for 3 days, it unequivocally felt like we was walking with my legs widespread apart.”

It’s Zai Zai and Wu Chun’s initial time collaborating, that many expect to see. Producer Raymond Wong and executive Ronny Yu also suggested expel members of a film during a press con; Adam Cheng, who will play a primogenitor of a Yang clan, Yang Ling-Gong; Louis Koo, Yu Bo, Vic Chou, Chen Li, Raymond Lam, Wu Chun, Fu Xin Bo will play a 7 sons of a Yang clan. However, Louis recently had a leg injury, so it’s not certain either it will impact his filming or not.

Zai Zai’s character, a third son, is an consultant in crawl and arrow and equine riding. His impression needs to be means to collect adult arrows from a belligerent while roving on a horse. Zai Zai voiced that it feels like he is being strike mixed times by a Chiropractor when roving on a horse. Wu Chun, who will be personification a sixth son, common his aptness knowledge with Zai Zai and a others.

Source: UDN
Credits: www.popasia.net


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