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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wu Chun says he is "Workaholic".

Recently, the "dissolution" rumours have been up for Fahrenheit as member Wu Chun hasn't renewed his contract with HIM, while the other three already renewed. All these rumours along with Wu Chun being staying in Brunei, busy with his own business aided these rumours alot to go up air. And because of his "Rich Generation Guy" status, even the news came out that he'll quit the ENTERTAINMENT world. In this regard, the company said: Fahrenheit will be together like S.H.E, "It doen't mean to disband" and Wu Chun himself stated that, "I'll work hard together with the people, even while filming gets lot of injuries. But I'm happy and If I'm not happy with my work I'll go back to my Family".
Wu Chun had performed excellently in Movies such as "14 Blades" and dramas "Hot Shot".However, both the small screen or big screen, Wu Zun all because of his handsome appearence and built catches all the sights of viewers. In this regard, Wu Zun said that he is "workaholic" and works hard to get into image of the role he gets, "as I recently took a martial arts film, had lot of fight scenes, got haands and legs bruised, but , I'd find it very enjoyable. "
Wu Chun says because this movie got late in shooting, I hope you will definetly see a different Wu Chun in that soon. Being a superstar is great, but was under lot of pressure during filming to work on with Sammo Hung's martial arts. He said. "For 2 consecutive days, I was on Wires hanging, arms and hands were bruised, and due to repeatedly doing this , got swelling in back of hand, arm, knees and legs also got bruised  and the pain was unbearable. He joked that, "He feels like a pirated version of Donnie Yen".
Source: Sohu.com


Bertha said...

Argghhh....the hard thing about being a public figure are rumors...this is the part when you yearn for the truth and you get a roller coaster ride it sucks....I'm picking myself up from the ditch....I'm having bad migrains...I hate roller coasters!!!!Did I just roll the dice here...?I'm an honest person I deserve honesty....arghhhh