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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wu Chun's official fanclub "Chun Zone" is finally opened.

Goto : ChunZone 

Its been a long wait for Wu Chun's fans for his official fan club, but now its finally opened for everyone. It shares all Wu Zun's activities including Fahrenheit ones, latest updates and photos of Wu Zun. Wu Zun's blog is now also associated with
this fanclub.

Every activity regarding Wu Chun will be made available there. It requires a fee to join the fan club and you can get complete access to Chun Zone. Its also available in Japanese for Japan fans.

Chun Zone forum will be starting very soon.

Chun's Message: 

So are you all ready for it.


christine said...

wo ai ni ...chun !!
good health ..

christineAiFahrenheit said...

i will always support fahrenheit .. till lifetime .. haha

im happy !!!

raelyn said...

hi there ..
i'm an avid fan of fei lun hai here in the Philippines ..
ever since i saw them on Hana Kimi i got interested with them ..
so i hope god would give me a chance to meet them ..
they are my life and my inspiration ..
wo ai ni fei lun hai !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a very good website !

But i come from France, and i regret that we either misinformed, so tanx to you, coz i think your website is really good !
But, it's a pity that his new website "chun zone" is paying, just to support and talk with Wu Chun... :'(

Good luck :) Katyly

Bertha said...

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Bertha said...

Oh yeah I wrote The Shape of My heart, copyright ahihihi :-)

Bertha said...

Typo Again: Masquerade Ball, not massacred, and lend a hand not lent Omy Gosh!!!!

miralyn torion said...

I'm proud of you finally admit you have children and you're married,you fans I steel even I'll always support you.!?

miralyn torion said...

even come to the philippines not even seen you in person because i'm busy ultra busy i did watch income by guest you all entervies abs cbn.i like all show you really have to learn not only to be brave.especially true and faithful love how you fight.my insperation you wu chun