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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aaron dressed up as female in Love Buffet .

Aaron Yan at the expense of his male beauty dressed as a girl in <Love Buffet> for the first time  , wore a floral apron with long hair to sell "Okonomiyaki" felt really awkward and uncomfortable.
In order to create the feel of carnival many local peoples and fans took part , even the crew people also joined. To play as girl in front of so many people, Aaron felt embarrased . He smiled , "So Nervous , my armpits are wet ".

 Wig was not enough for the role, so Reen Yu generously lend pink bow hair bands to Aaron. Aaron laughed that he envy his thick eyebrows or he'll look more woman than a woman.

On the shooting day, Aaron walked in campus with long hair flowing went all the way hearing "Super Nice" the sound of praising from everyone. He said everyone let me carried away with the feel , it should be "Miserable" . He laughed that " No chest augmentation , or will look more of woman than Reen Yu"

Source: Ifensi