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Monday, January 24, 2011

Aaron and Jiro strangers on Wei-Bo ??

Fahrenheit has been hanging over the suspicion of dissolution for quite a while, attentive fans have recently found out that Aaron and Jiro have no interest in Micro-Bo on each other. Aaron also Micro-Bo'd that " East, Zhe (Jiro Wang, Danson Tang) both of them are on, but I'm still unfamiliar
to them ", the straightforward statement , and  <Love Buffet> case, Aaron and Calvin fans are having war of words on Micro-Bo.

The Four Handsome Boys turned Mature Men , talk more and more now. A reporter throws a question, " Jiro and Aaron the two stars are on the Micro-Bo , while one is following the other and one is not. I'm very concerned about the answer as other members also."

For straightforward comments on the Micro-Bo, Aaron looked very wronged. He Micro-Bo'd : I do not know when did I wrote fro the fans to fight, I just hoped that we focus on the drama more.Calvin appealed to fans "Support the four of us, Don't compare who is best just because we are acting together, this drama should be good for both of us. "

Source: NetEase, Sohu