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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy with Work : Fahrenheit's Stress relieve methods.

4 handsome Fahrenheit busy with their own works, recently came together for autograph session in Singapore. They all busy, have different ways to relieve stress.

Calvin being busy with hosting , filming in dramas, & promoting his own business of clothing brand, he said way to relieve pressure is to contact with the crowd, "I like to go to the movies or hangout to eat food, or else is a choice of the streets to roam, so feel relaxed. "

Source: News.singtao
Aaron began recording individual EP. when faced with loads of work pressure, he loves to sing KTV for crazy 6 hours. In particular, love to sing the letters with full emotions  "I hate you" .
Big East on Dec. 11 will go to Hong Kong as a fashion brand presentations own campaign, he attended as women designers, made 12 new women. Comes to relieve pressure, he said: "I like riding with heavy machinery and bikers along the countryside, in touch with nature is really relaxing, or listening to rock music , sweating in gym is also very comfortable."
Wu Chun is busy making movies "Da Wu Sheng" . As it is a martial art flick, was hard to perfect his gestures, do more stretching training. According to the Liberty Times said Wu Chun martial arts favorite idol Wu Nianzu. Busy with work, Wu Zun relieves stress by eating food or watching TV, "regardless whether at home or hotel , I'm often used to open Travel Channel, as I was mostly alone, so used to accompnied with a voice."