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Friday, November 19, 2010

Aaron going solo next year ?

With Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan's birthday fast approaching this Saturday, the youngest member of Taiwan's popular boy band plans to hold a birthday concert at music venue hot spot The Wall in Taipei tomorrow night.  Aaron especially took the time to learn a special song in the Taiwanese language to sing to his mother, in which he practiced for half a day. Aaron's senior Hebe of S.H.E also had a birthday concert back in late March, and she eventually released her own solo album half a year later.

Rumored plans for going solo :
Insiders are saying that Aaron is making plans to go solo for his own mini-album, where a reporter for Apple Daily questioned the Fahrenheit member if he was the best singer in the group. The highly modest Aaron shyly laughed and said, "I really want to respond, but I'm sorry."  Not much details are known about Aaron's solo plans, but his recent contract renewal confirms that his options allow for such a move.
Source: Appledaily