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Sunday, November 21, 2010

20-11-2010 Shenyang: Jiro headed back; got emotional while exclusive interview.

Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang Chen Cheng popular yesterday appeared overwhelmed, an exclusive interview with this newspaper has experienced ups and downs from the mortgage

In Huobian Asian idol group Fahrenheit portfolio, Jiro is the most enthusiastic members, but also came from the poor family, through the rough.

Father died young, and to pay off debts, he worked hard, and he sent a leaflet in the street, did the waitering in the bar, sold clothes, lived in steel, cement worker who has done, he is Jay Chou and David Tao Young with the door, However, when he was out of a record, it happened, "9.11", resulting in the company was dissolved, he had to go to military service, came back from the assistants to start modeling, step by step to reach this day.

Yesterday, Jiro to Shenyang autograph his photo book "Van Gogh and me." Wanda Plaza, fans packed West, near the staff are off work came to see him.

Front of the camera, he is cute and "pistachio", in fact vibrant, but behind his smile has a great suffering. At yesterday's book signing, he accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter.

The city Shenyang brings what feel to you at first sight?
Jiro: This is my first visit to Shenyang. Shenyang would have thought would be very cold, but the yesterday day was good. The airport's friend said: "This is because you come to, Shenyang temperatures are raised, and today more than ten degrees above zero it up." I'm very happy because I was afraid the fans will catch a cold because of the book-signing, the weather is better.

Before the media reported that the intensity of your work has been great since debut, Is the situation better?
Jiro: Had a busy year, took three plays, three or four hours sleep a day, the most serious side when hanging drip started, and later a high fever , and finally went to the hospital, but at least sleep a good sleep. I also thought about if you do not have play, then what will happen then, but I was really a workaholic, and this year I'm out with book, then the charge of the work, with friends to design the brand, so I think that career is more abundant. At Home after every day, do the drawing or the proposed draft or do some design clothes, very busy and very full. I really like.

What are you looking forward to the Spring Festival?
Jiro: For a star, the show is certainly a very important one, will be more people know, so very much hope the chance to Spring Festival Gala.
There will be enthusiasm behind the complaints.

How much is your mental age , do you think?
Jiro: I think I still have a pure heart, although in some ways I will look more mature, such as the relatively strong resistance to stress. I think I am still 19 years.

In Fahrenheit, you represent "hot". In Real Life how "hot" you are?
Jiro: I am very like a friend who like to bring you joy, and have lively personality, everyone will think with me feel better. I stood on the stage, more passionate, and then interact with the audience on stage.

In real life, Not happy? How will you complain?
Jiro:  Some talk about unhappy things out, but I will not complain the staff,  will not complain to mother, will tell friends about it. When not happy, I will go to the gym, lifting heavy things, trying to get myself shouting out, or cycling to nature, go to the beach.

From an ordinary family, can achieve results today, do you think it is more fortunate, or to some more? Parents, the extent of impact on you?
Jiro: I was lucky, but I have also been trying. Behind a successful man, there must be a great woman, to me, that is my mother. From small to large, she supported me to do things to support my study painting, even support me in entertainment industry. I was able to stand on stage, because of my father. My father knew that I liked singing, so often in front of his friends said, "My son can sing" and then let me show. Later, during the time when father sick in hospital, just my most intensive period of rehearsal, and later my father died the next day, I don't want to go perform, my mother insisted that I go to perform. So, then I just stand on stage, I felt my father at my side, to cheer me on.

So busy with work? How spend time with Mother?
Jiro: Indeed, there is little time to spend with my mother, I am sorry for her, she always saw me on TV, newspapers, news and see my show.

Before becoming a artist, you have done a lot of work, do you think these experiences give you the most valuable asset?
Jiro: Now I cherish everything I have to be stronger.

Stars Living is significant? Whats your view on consumption?
Jiro: My family was not rich, I grew to know the money is really not easy to earn, after all these years, I have been trying to pay the debt that father left, and now even has finished, I will not spend money rashly, only spent it where should be spent.

 Source: Huashang Wang - Chinese Business Morning News