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Friday, September 10, 2010

Wu Zun is very soft~~ praises Rainie Yang.

Rainie Yang is showing some skin again in upcoming idol drama <<陽光天使>> ("Sunshine Angel") Yesterday they were filming a scene where Wu Zun lands to the ground and accidentally sees Rainie in the shower. Always accidentally meeting male leads in idol dramas, Rainie joked that she is the female artiste whose "nude body" has been seen the most, including Kingone Wang, Mike He, Show Luo, and Jiro Wang---they all accidentally bumped in when Rainie is washing herself. The ending for these male leads is usually got pounded or forced into water. Rainie joked: "Wu Zun is probably the luckiest one."

Wu Zun is known for his love to eat snacks and Rainie would follow him at set of filming. In order to thank WU Zun for providing food, she decided to pay back by giving him a massage, she said: "He is really soft, area is big as well." Wu Zun replied: "What's so soft? Good muscle is hard when they should be."

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