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Friday, September 10, 2010

Aaron: Youngest, Scared of ghosts and problemetic kid.

Fahrenheit made their way on veteran host Chang Hsiao-Yen’s new variety show, “SS小燕之夜” (Small Swallow Hsiao Yen Night). Besides having a fun time with the fans, Fahrenheit also went through some Q & A’s with the host.

As the show goes on, most of the answers came out to be "Yan Ya Lun".
Who is more disloyal and runs away first in danger?
Who is scared of ghost?
Who spends most on shopping?
Who needs most caring?
Who gets knockoff first after drinking? an so on..
In mid, Calvin stoodup & joked ," It's your solo program today, we should leave first". The next answer also came out to be yalun & Aaron's Expression was like "Why me again" and he was laughing hard all the way.

When the host said you didn't change in te last 5 years. Aaron said,"He learned many new thngs. Jiro,Calvin & Wu Zun cares a lot about him & are lke his older brothers and have endured quite a bit of his temper".
The host said his older brothers are quite shy. Jiro loves to look good & calvin loves women.

Credits: Thanks to LIXJIE to sub the video.
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