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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Rest, No Sleep: 炎亞綸趕戲 24小時未闔眼 = Yan Ya Lun rushing drama had not shut eye in 24 hours.

August, 02, 2010:
(Central News Agency, HaungHui-Min Huang, Taipei) Public television 公視’s huge drama production Death Girl’s lead stars, Serena Fang and Aaron Yan arrived at Taipei (11th) Manga Expo today for a publicity event. After no shut eye/sleep for 24 hours, Aaron’s shoulders were as stiff and hard as rock. During make up time, he even needed people to hold his head because he could fall sleep at anytime.

Death Girl overturns the typical impression of Death Goddess, debunking the image of Death God as a male, terrifying and eerie stereotypes. Because Serene act as the Death Goddess who appeared at the border of live and death, Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan fell in love with her.

Today when Aaron finished work in the early hours of the morning, he had already not slept for 24 hours. After the Manga Expo event, he continued on to his dance class. He said: “ I cant stop. Got to packed my schedule so that I have confidence. If I slack/relax I’m afraid of fats and my physique change.” Almost like he would want the title of Andy Lau’s Asian’s Iron Man (a movie name).

Aaron’s schedule of activities was packed full. Facing the broadcast of Death Girl on 18 September, he fear that at that time will become ON drama. He said that in these 6 months, every day he had slept less than 4 hours and his shoulders had become as hard as rock. Now during makeup, he needs someone to hold his head because he could drop off to sleep at anytime.

At Manga Expo, Aaron came 1 hour early to wait. He only stand and dare not sit. He looked spaced out but he was determined not to touch any stimulant drinks (eg coffee); only relying on his willpower to endure until Serena came and the two started a warm interaction.

Serena who acted as Death Girl like to be a specialist on trouble youth. She admit after acting the drama many months, she already had the touch of a teacher and hope to open a Death Girl chat to share with trouble youths who come online to chat.

At the event, the stars of the drama shared with the audience their favourite or the manga that give them the most impression. Serene like manga that is completely different from the drama’s theme such as food Comics "will be too sushi; Aaron like intellectual manga like Chess King.

Death Girl," the original manga artiste, Mr Takuya and Director Chou Mei Lin was also there to share and communicate ideas. Takuya sensei said that the drama to be done in manga seemed very difficult. But Director Chou could want to drama to be done in a manga style; Death Girl no matter drama or manga will be anticipated by people.

Already filming for 3 months, Death Girl trailer was revealed today, drawing lots of cheer. When this drama is aired, Dong Li publications magazine, Dragon Youth will carry the manga version in September.

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