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Monday, September 6, 2010

Jiro Wang experiences a haunting by Aaron Yan.

Oh~~ my love~ my darling~ I've hungered for your touch.... In “performance/acting class” on Super King's yesterday episode, host Jacky Wu decided to have the students reenact the famous and romantic clay-molding scene from “Ghost” - in spirit of "ghost" month right now (the 7th month of the Lunar calendar).

As the teaching assistant, Xiao Xiao Bin demonstrated the scene with another classmate, but Jacky felt that the feeling of romance was lacking. Thus, they decided to give bromance a try and asked classmates and Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan to play the roles – Jiro as Demi Moore and Aaron as Patrick Swayze the ghost. While Jiro concentrated on his clay molding, Aaron suddenly appeared and leaned over from Jiro’s behind and began affectionately sliding his hand down Jiro’s chest. Jiro sure felt Aaron’s “presence” and expressed his longing for Aaron. Jiro even warned, “Even when you’re in the underworld, you can’t form a new group, okay?”

To take this bromance to the top, the couple sang “Unchained Melody” together to celebrate their reunion. As Aaron continued to wrap himself around Jiro and rub his hand against Jiro's chest, Jiro cried out desperately, “How come no one is shouting ‘cut’ already?!”


Anonymous said...

Aha . Jiro and Aaron are so funny !!

Bertha said...

Hehe yeah I like Ghost, especially the part where Demi was talking to Patrick Swayze's Soul....

Yup Aaron and Jiro you just murdered the love scene...ahihihi (sticking my tongue at you like a kid) :-p

But I like Little Rascals too:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVttF-4MCkE here it is and who said kids can't be love struck....Aaron kiss was so funny!!!! Aaron you never fail to make me smile!!!!!