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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fahrenheit is all you can touch with $22.

Following the footsteps of Jpop and Kpop idols, Fahrenheit held a paid event at the National Taiwan University Sports Center. Fans shelled out NT$700 (~$22 US) to attend their autographing and mini concert. Many fans felt that it was a little pricey, but to compensate, Fahrenheit joked, “Today is 'all you can touch.' You’ve paid $700, so it’s time for you to ‘touch’ it all back!”
Aaron Yan's mom went on stage to show her support for him.

The venue was filled with 2000 fan girls excited to see their idols. When Fahrenheit performed their latest single, “Super Hot”, they ensured hotness by satisfying fans with full nipple glory. Four lucky fans also got to interact with the Fahrenheit members on stage and “touch all they want.” However, Wu Chun’s fan was rather shy and kept her hands inches away. Calvin Chen couldn’t stand watching them any longer and decided to hold the fan’s hand and directly put it on Wu Chun’s chest, which caused all the other fans to scream.
Calvin helps fan out to get a good touch of Wu Chun
It's been long since Fahrenheit has released an album and many are concerned about whether Fahrenheit will disband after "Super Hot". Wu Chen and Jiro Wang responded, “We’re so used to these kinds of news. Those who say that we won’t have another album just wait and see!”

Fahrenheit's "Super Hot" album is now available for preorder on yesasia!
Source: UDN, Liberty Times
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