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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fahrenheit admits to kissing each other

Rest assure fans, your pretty boys are not homosexuals.

On a recent episode of Taiwanese variety show, SS Xiao Yan’s Night, the four member band made a surprising revelation that they had shared smooches amongst themselves.

“We’d get nervous when kissing our co-actresses, hence, we practice by kissing with each other!” explained Aaron Yan.

Singing aside, the members of Fahrenheit have all been involved in various acting projects, many of which were collaborations with beautiful idol drama actresses.

So did Wu Chun feel anything special when kissing Ariel Lin, whom he had earlier collaborated with in Tokyo Juliet?

“That was my first ever kissing scene and she helped me a lot,” the reserved Wu Chun replied, averting the question.

On the other hand, Aaron Yan, who is the youngest of the group, named his Patty Hou as his most memorable on screen kiss.

But the title of “champion kisser” undoubtedly went to Jiro Wang.

Crowned as the “lucky one”, Jiro had shared kisses with actresses Genie Zuo, Rainie Yang, Larisa and Cyndi Wang.

“In my first drama, I did not get to kiss Ariel Lin. Following that, I expressed my disappointment to the company, and every other drama that I’d starred in would involve kissing scenes thereafter,” explained Jiro.

All credits to xinmsn.com.