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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aaron Yan Evoked Strong Enthusiasm From Crowds At Guiyang; Hopes To Try Out For A Martial Arts (Kungfu) Movie.

Aaron Yan soulfully singing his songs

27th September 2011
Recently, Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan attended the third anniversary of Guiyang Nanguo Huajin to celebrate the first anniversary of “flora family.” Besides from the friendly interactions with fans, Aaron also performed three songs from his new album which receive high amounts of warm and enthusiasm from the audience.

Commotion during event resulted in a temporary halted/ interrupted

The moment Aaron appeared at the event, screams could be heard from fans and club members as the shouted the Idol’s name, attracting Aaron’s attention. Though Aaron continued to wave at fans, and tried to calm them down, however fans’ desire to have closer contact with their Idol caused the whole situation to get virtually out of control. While Aaron continued to tell crowds to mind their and other’s safety, fans began frantically moving towards and crowding the stage. The security there were unable to stop the large advancing crowd, eventually they had to resort to pushing fans back. With the whole situation getting increasingly out of control, the host asked Aaron to step off the stage and rest backstage. The event was halted.

Sung three songs consecutively; fans sang along in unison

When fans learnt that the event may be cancelled, the audience finally calmed down. With the place returning to order, Aaron appeared back on stage. He hoped that fans could continue to maintain public order and mind their safety. Soon after Aaron performed three songs consecutively: “The Next Me,” “ I see nothing but you,” and “Suddenly.” At times appearing cold and handsome, at other times affectionate, Aaron once again received loud cheers and warmth from the audience. His last song “Suddenly”, saw everyone in the audience singing along with him which touched greatly Aaron.

Idol Drama is about to start filming, hopes to try a kungfu movie

Former group member Wu Chun, in his film “My Kingdom” played a military role. During an interview, Aaron was asked: if you (Aaron) had a choice of a playing vivacious young female (花旦), a servant (青衣) or a military role, which would you choose? Aaron expressed that in the future he hopes to try out marital art roles. Aaron then briefly spoke his current projects; his next idol drama is about to start shooting shortly. He hopes everyone will be able to see the progress/ improvements he has made.

Translation By: blackangel2073@AF