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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As Fahrenheit Go Their Own Ways, He Became Bit Lonely.

Chen Sun Hua had styled more than 200 artists, including Fahrenheit, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, F4, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Stefanie Sun, JJ, Luo, SHE, Elva, Mei, Rainie, Coco Lee, Sammi Cheng, Karen Mok, Cyndi and many others. She talks about Aaron Yan in this Exclusive Article.

"Queen Mother" To help for "Prince Aaron"
I am 45 years old, don't think Aaron and I can play together. For Aaron,  I and "legs sister" Chen Sixuan, and previously followed him "like a nanny as" Agent Jiazhen, doing advertising the company's public relations ... ... a bunch of character completely take people to get together, outside tubes(world) we were called "the Queen Mother To Help."

Under caring of Us, Aaron status was not high enough(interaction with outside), and sometimes see him deal with the media is not good enough, or going on errands, we will together go and criticize him, criticize him, read him to understand. He is the younger generation, sometimes I would talk to him by way of joking is some truth, he is very humble, will listen.

Privately we call him "Prince Yan." He likes to bicker with me, I said: "You dare na! Dare 太岁头上动土!" (Chinese Saying that means : You'll be beset with Difficulties). One time we deliberately cut the same hairstyle, and then swap roles, I am in role of Aaron said: "Chen Hua Sun, help me get hold of hair! "I teased him:" How can you be at this age so young and very easy! you are so lazy, and so dark, I look so white! "she said, but response is so slow that I was often stunned, and then we both laugh in end. In fact, he wanted to respond quickly with my quarrel.

Filial Maturity , Seriousness comparable to Jolin Tsai.
Fahrenheit in total four people, in fact the other three looked very mature, he is the only one a little baby faced, a long time before that he was quite a big man.

Every time I take a pile of clothes to go to them, other people being very busy came up to me, only he never rob on, sitting next to said: "I picked a little later again, you will help me stay . "

In addition to sensible, Aaron is also very filial. He recently bought a big house, moved there, willing to live with his parents and sister.

We are always looking for something different in private restaurants to eat, hot pot, dishes and other occasions will be open to, and sometimes found ourselves sitting next to a bunch of people around to say "yeah Aaron, Aaron yeah!" We still eat there, all kinds of photo clicking and signature and hospitality environment.

He has a very serious attitude towards work. Before Concerts, most artists, particularly large number will say, "My clothes will not wait for the next hook to ah?" "Well will this shape be OK?" "Can't you go through another look here?" Some small concerts, we give him chance to do modeling, but he do not care about his appearance, he would be more focused in the side of the piano tuning and practice. In addition to Jolin, he is the second I saw that definitely seems to be like artists.

Good face, and the first solo.
Usually, Aaron is really messed up, must take extreme care, with the nature of the people hopping. So he often woke up on the plane photographed, Alice hair like photos, messy hair, when squeezed by hand will not know. Sometimes we go out with him, we will found his clothes of two days ago lying in the room.

The other side, Aaron Yan is super good strong. He is the youngest of the "Fahrenheit" made ​​the first solo singles, he can not lose in the face on that. We go out to party, he always rushing first to pay. Last time my birthday, Huang Xiaoming gave me a watch, Aaron said, "I have to send a larger gift than this."

Some activities are sometimes modest budget, like when he comes for my help, I said okay, ah, but after that Aaron will try to pay back, such having a meal with you, send a gift or something. He does not like less human, really very sensible, very intimate.

But sometimes young people, are inevitably a bit hot tempered. He was straightforwardly interested in the record . His staff was rude, he was no matter what the title stand out shout, and was the loudest that we often said to him: "hey, try to be cool ah! I want you forbearance and tolerance , let other people deal with like it! "

His character is really a lot of face. Just solo, when Aaron told me that felt a little lonely. I told him, you came to power, as Big East, as Wu Zun, they are doing Good! Recently, Aaron was quite busy, do not love anything, but that tiredness will discharge his eyes , that were absolutely considered "Killer

Recently, appeared at "Dance General Assembly" with black suit and boots , handsome appearance. As guest performer he sang "Suddenly" and dance like a Modern day Performance. 

Source: Shanghai Times
Translated By : Yaluncute@fahrenheitai.blogspot.com


Bertha loves Pussy in Boots said...

I know that if Aaron put his mind into something he can achieve it, he just needs a lot of follow-up and validation, well doesn't anyone. I'm happy that Aaron bought a big house, but I also wish it will be filled with love, I see a heart of a child inside a person struggling to find his place in this world and the media just keep kicking him down when he's trying to pick himself up....you are young Aaron make use of your gifts wisely and be thankful of them, knowing you have all of this should not give you room for loneliness, in this world we cannot have everything but we can make the best out of what we have...I love you very dearly sweetie my hugs I'm sending to you overseas!!!!

A name without a face said...

I am sharing with a shakesperean heart a poem and will not be responsible for the emotional chord it may strike:
Title:Sky Paraglider

I’ve decided not to fight the storm and stood in the middle of the havoc
Maybe I could learn to read the stars then I would be prepared for the chaos in my heart
On my knees I whispered to the earth that cradled my tears
May a flower bloom in the midst of scorn
Like a child a broken heart was new to me
A perfect stranger was a fallacy
A realist caught in a confusing fantasy
Broken families, intense miseries
The sky was my only blanket from loneliness
The vast universe was a bed that could grant me deep slumber
A bird with no wings, a fish out of the ocean
A yearning so strong, the towering trees seems inviting
I clasped the straps that gave me wings
I longed for the clouds embrace
For a moment I would feel how to own the sky
And the fear won’t drown my determination to try
Slowly I ran, one step at a time
Not rushing for death
For only time can reveal a pure heart
Patience can overcome distance and insanity
Trials and separation gives birth to loyalty
So here I come after a calculated risk
A Sky Paraglider claiming love
A Sky Paraglider jumping off a cliff
By: Bertha