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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wu Chun Reaches Out To Quake Victims Of Japan

Wu Chun personally donates fund to Japan's Ambassy in Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan - To further boost the charity drive for the Humanitarian Fund for the victims of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, Brunei's very own Wu Chun, the famous actor and singer in Asia, has come forward to contribute his time and efforts to help raise funds.

From today until April 5, all of Wu Chun's Fitness Zone branches will have a number of donation boxes for the Humanitarian Fund for the victims of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

Wu Chun in an interview said, "The donation boxes are not only for members but are also for the public to donate. Anyone who donates $100 or more will be presented with a certificate of appreciation from Fitness Zone.

"We now have a special offer of $60 monthly fee for new members and all the proceeds will be handed to the fund to further help the victims who have lost their homes and are also currently without proper food and water.

"This is a good cause and at the same time, members can also keep fit. I am proud of all my Fitness Zone members and fans for their contributions."

He added, "Actually, I was to go to Japan this Friday for a film screening and 'meet the fan' session. However, after the disaster, I postponed the trip. I felt that my task now is to try and help the people in need. I am really happy to be able to work with the Japanese Embassy."

He also disclosed that many of his fans around the world have contacted the Fitness Zone to donate.

When asked about his Japanese fans' well-being, Wu Chun said, "Information from the fan club website said that none of my fans were affected because many of them are residing in Osaka and Tokyo. However, the fans also have relatives and friends who are affected. Personally, I am saddened by the tragedy."

Almost in tears, Wu Chun also conveyed his words of encouragement to the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake by saying, "We are all brothers and sisters. Everyone around the world is now supportive of Japan and its people. Please stay strong!"

He added that he had always kept up to date on the development of the disaster and was touched by the victims' strong will.

Influenced by his mother to be involved in charity, Wu Chun was involved in a charity drive for victims of China's earthquake last year. He held a similar charity drive to raise money for the victims of the earthquake.

Wu Chun also took the opportunity to sign the condolence book for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Wu Chun wrote, "Life is so delicate, watching the destruction makes all the little things in life don't matter anymore when people around the world are losing their homes, their loved ones and their lives. Please... no more disaster, no more wars! Let us all unite and stand together! Please stay strong as we are with you."

-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin
--Source: BruDirect
--Photo Courtesy: singtao

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Bertha said...

Chunnie I have always known that you had a good heart a quote from Rick Warren says "The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now." ,sometimes there are things we cannot comprehend that's why I told you how we cannot control things, we can make the best of our time but not control time nor life this what makes us human. The best gift I have received in life is the virtue of understanding that leads to acceptance and contentment. What's nice is to know that something good comes out of a tragedy like Japan, it's unity, charity and love. Those are miracles we fail to acknowledge. Chun you have already won my heart so long ago, I am always with you even if there are times I don't agree with your perspectives in life cause I'm very realistic and I live by faith, I can see your a warrior but still a child but aren't we all? Chun the only time we would feel the loss of life is when it is not well spent, if a person has lived a good life and dies happy it would be the best gift cause everyone will eventually die. There are people who die young in their bed. That's why everyday I pray that I have touched enough heart to say I have lived my best. So my worries is not death itself but were they prepared for death? I guess with your mom she was prepared, she probably is much happier where she is than here where people still suffer. Good night my ever dearest, I love you with all my heart!!!!

Bertha said...

And Chun change the logo on your hat for Fitness Zone, as a Sales and Marketing person we have this term Brand Recall, is a Brand Building Concept....it will help you with your positioning strategy. You cannot have many logos on your hat with different colors, it will cause confusion on your consumers take it from Nike whose brand is a check (one of the strongest brand aside from Starbucks). Perception is very important in building brand to push positive results on influencing buying behavior. The less the image or the more simple it is the better brand recall, your hat is too complicated. Thanks Free Consultancy yah...goodnight!

lalyn said...

wu chun is not only a gorgeous guy but also had a very good heart...a perfect guy... i love it...

Bertha said...

Perfect it seems I've been getting a lot of that lately, well you have your own perspective on things, and I guess 3/4 of the world would agree with you, I don't wanna analyze the situation anymore and make things complicated, I wanna glide through life with ease and not be trapped in a box, I wanna breathe freely so I accept him perfect or not....if he chooses to show his flaws that his choice, I'm just watching here from a distance...we cannot only love a person for the things he/she does right and amazing but also embrace him and comfort him when he gets wounded...I'll prefer to be there for him when no one will, I'd rather be there when the curtains fall and the lights are out cause it's when I'll get to see his heart:-)Cause the truth is we live in an imperfect world...but we should always do our best to journey towards perfection, Peace Lalyn....hugs to my co-fan!!!!

Bertha said...

I'm also an Aaron fan, and I hope Jiro and Calvin are doing well too. Wu Chun take care of Aaron please....we all people we all need someone to watch our back every once in a while :-) SMILES