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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aaron Yan criticize false reports: Drama ratings does not rely on Show-offs.

Idol drama "Love Buffet" as came up as ratings chart winner, it has been reported that Calvin's topless appearence in "Bath-Tub" scene raised the points , the audience does not see acting, only see show-off . Aaron hit-back on Micro-Bo: Do you think that the audience is just to see show-offs ! Is the Drama not important? After that we just do not wear clothes  acting ratings will be good!  Superficial and dirty, do not mislead the audience , had a good thing to have to write? Blind! Check Segment ratings table and see ? 

 As soon as this Micro-Bo issued, many friends and fans commented on it , delrlmn said: stick to your own views, seek common ground, according to your own thoughts, do you think it is the right thing. Actor's work is unlike the glossy surface, apart from tired up (fatigue), its also affected by public opinion from all. As Aaron says: I believe we all work hard in acting, filming a drama for several months is difficult.

Aaron further WeiBo'ed : I do not know how to express myself, for the reports, "Love" drama is good not only because of the show-off, but because of all the hardworks, but, report only focus on that, will not waste everyone's efforts.

Source: ScDaily


Bertha said...

Aaron the paparazzi will always provoke you, but if in your heart you know that you worked hard and cannot get the results, then just simply giving your best shot is enough...my dear child you have a lot to learn about relationships and being a public icon is not easy as chewing a gum....make your parent be proud of you by handling negative comments gracefully...I wish I could hug you so tight and give courage huh....fighting!!!!