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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aaron Yan....: A super Pet Lover.

Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit is a super pet lover. He revealed to UDN news that he had many different kinds of pets since he was little, “When I was little, I wasn’t allowed to have a dog, and so I could only get other types of pets.” He had taken care of turtles, birds, chickens, ducks, and fishes. He also revealed that he was a naughty kid where he freed his little sister’s pet bird and made her cry.

After Aaron grew older, he finally bought his first dog, a toy poodle. Aaron eyes shone when talking about his dog, “Before, ‘Mei Mei’ (his dog’s name) never dared to climb the stairs, but she did once and came onto my bed, licked my face, and woke me up. I was very surprised.” At the time, Aaron was deep in his sweet dream of sharing a kiss with a pretty girl, but of course, he realized it was no other but his lovely dog once he woke up.

Recently, he bought a second dog and named it ‘Cookie’. Although Aaron is a dog lover, he said that sometimes he can’t help but hit them, “(You) have to teach them when they pee everywhere, but ‘Cookie’ is very smart. The moment I raise my hand, it’ll come over and start acting cute, like licking my hand.” As for ‘Mei Mei’, Aaron expressed that she often gets carsick and vomits, so he doesn’t dare to bring her out too much.

Although Aaron loves his dogs and even has them sleep beside him, when asked if he buys them brand name dog clothes, he shook his head, “Of course not, only the rich wives would do so.” However, Aaron brings his dogs to a weekly dog spa, and he added, “If they’re good, at most I would give them a big meal as a treat.”

Source: UDN, Liberty Times via CpopAccess

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