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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aaron yan leaves his fellow members behind & runs for his life.

Fahrenheit made their way on veteran host Chang Hsiao-Yen’s new variety show, “SS小燕之夜” (Small Swallow Hsiao Yen Night). Besides having a fun time with the fans, Fahrenheit also went through some Q & A’s with the host. When asked “which Fahrenheit member is a coward and runs away first when something happens,” the majority of the fans voted for Aaron Yan, and the rest of the Fahrenheit members concurred. Before Aaron could defend himself, Calvin Chen jumped in to provide the proof, “During a car ride one time, we smelled some smoke and despite Aaron was wearing sunglasses, he saw smoke coming out from the car. Aaron immediately told the car to stop on the side, then he took his bag and ran out of the car” leaving his fellow members behind. Aaron tried to explain, "Whenever you smell smoke in a car, it's likely to either explode or combust in flames. Furthermore, I was sitting in the front, so of course I had to run for my life!"

Fahrenheit also talked about their experiences in acting during the show. Jiro Wang, who has the most “experience” in kissing scenes, revealed that he expressed his dissatisfaction to his management company for not being able to kiss Ariel Lin in “It Started With A Kiss”. Thus, his company arranged kissing scenes for him and his female leads in all of his later projects. Calvin told host Chang Hsiao-Yen that because of nervousness, they also “practiced” their kissing with each other beforehand. Chang Hsiao-Yen shouted in surprise, “Why would four guys kiss each other?!"
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